A Possible Cure for Your Chronic Back Pain
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A Possible Cure for Your Chronic Back Pain

It could be that the physical pain you are suffering may have non-physical causes.

An acquaintance recently told me a story that I have heard several times before in similar versions. This person had been suffering chronic lower back pain for several years and no amount of visits to the doctor’s office seemed to pinpoint the problem or help relieve the pain.

One evening he received a phone call from his ex of several years past. At that time he was divorced and remarried, but his ex would call him often with one kind of demand or other, sometimes, he felt, just to harass him. Often she would be inebriated at the time of the calls and therefore they often came late at night when he was already in bed asleep. On this last occasion her call was extremely obnoxious and he said he just felt like enough was enough. He cut her off in the middle of a sentence and said.

“Look, just don’t ever bother calling me again for anything. I get tired of your abuse; we are no longer married and you have been a pain in my butt as long as I have known you.”

With that he hung up.

The end of the story is immediately obvious. His back pain went away and never returned. Because he had been repressing the delivery of this message for many years, his subconscious mind had somehow converted the repressed feelings into actual physical pain. By finally releasing himself of the feeling he had been holding back for so long he managed to free himself from the bondage of physical pain.

Without intending to imply that all back pain or other physical conditions a person may have that seem hard or impossible to diagnose, I would like to place upon the table that it is possible such pain is indeed psychosomatic as in my friend’s case. If you have been harboring such a pain over a long period of time, unable to find relief, you may wish to take a deep look within and search for some repressed anger or desire that may be causing you physical distress. You may even discuss the possibility with your medical care taker.

I have discussed this with my own doctor and according to him this kind of effect is not at all rare. All pain is the result of messages being sent to your brain from the many nerves throughout your body. To have a physical condition such as pain or a tic getting attached in your psyche due to repressing it for some reason is entirely possible and even probable. Perhaps we have much to learn from the Beetles song, It’s Easy. All You Need is Love;  “There is nothing you can say that can’t be said; there’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung.”

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Comments (3)

This is an interesting and valid point. Voted up

"Its easy, all you need is love" thoughtful write Londis, stumbled too.

That is quite interesting.