Class Action Suit Against the Transvaginal Stress Mesh Sling Device
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Class Action Suit Against the Transvaginal Stress Mesh Sling Device

The transvaginal surgical mesh implant is a surgery women can opt for when they are suffering from stress incontinence. The mesh is designed to fit the contours of the body and to support the pelvis and other organs from falling. Currently there is a class action suit pending against the device by women who have experienced excruciating pain and other complications associated with the implant of this device.

I am currently suffering from incontinence and I will be going for testing in a little while.  One of the treatments I was thinking about was the transvaginal surgical mesh sling.  Then I heard about the complaints women who have had this surgery have experienced. 

I hardly go out as it is because of the incontinence and the pain that I have from fibromyalgia and arthritis.  Now I am hearing of women who are in so much pain from the device that they never go out and are living on painkillers.

There currently is a class action suit brought about by several women who have had their quality of life deteriorate since they got the mess.

The mesh was created as a support to keep the pelvis and other organs in place after they had prolapsed (dropped). The pressure on the bladder from the misplaced organs can cause bladder incontinence.  For many women the mesh works just the way it is supposed to. It is when the mesh falls apart or moves out of place that women begin experience pain and other symptoms.

Sheri Hansen had the surgery done last year and since then she is in constant pain. She had to quit work and go on disability.  This poses another problem for her because she now is left with limited funds and she has to support her paraplegic husband.  The emotional stress is too much for her.  She cannot sit for more than five minutes at a time and that makes it hard to drive. She also has children she feels she cannot care for the way she would like to.    

I don’t have to support anyone else, but I am on disability as well.  I already have several medical issues and can hardly do my housework.

There are more terrible consequences besides experiencing pain. Women have found pieces of the mesh coming out through their vagina and even in their urine. Furthermore, men have felt a foreign presence in the vagina during intercourse.  Some men have reported getting scratched by the mesh during intercourse as well.

Yet, the Canadian Society of Pelvic Medicine says the procedure is safe and the chances that something could go wrong are less than five percent.

Fortunately, I may not be a good candidate for this mess since I have uncontrolled diabetes. I won’t have to worry about the complications of this surgery or the training the surgeon has had.  However, the class action suit does bring these issues to the attention of women who are currently debating whether they want to have the mesh implanted in their bodies or not.

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Comments (6)

Excellent article!

Very good article. My daughter's mother in law had had a problem where her internal organs were coming out from her vagina.. she had a prolapse. She had surgery, but I don't know if it was this surgery or not.. she was incontinent as well and had to wear depends all the time. Now she doesn't have any issues at all. No pain or anything. 

thanks Bridget

that is great that is worked out so well for Kim's mother in law

Thanks for sharing this personal story, Carol.  Hope everything goes well for you at the doctor's visit.

thanks Sandy I will let you know