Don't Be Fooled by Mis-diagnosed Causes for Pain
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Don't Be Fooled by Mis-diagnosed Causes for Pain

That sprain or strained muscle may only be false diagnoses of a knot in a muscle that is actually some distance away from where you feel the pain.

Research has shown that approximately seventy-five percent of pain is from injury to a different part of the body then the “hurting place” and therefore is often misdiagnosed even by medical doctors. The fault lies not with the doctor or the patient. The culprit is something called referred pain, technologically called myofascial pain.

It is beneficial for you to understand just what referred pain is and how it works. This is especially true because that sprain or strained muscle may only be false diagnoses of a knot in a muscle that is actually some distance away from where you feel the pain. And the fact of the matter is; a muscle knot is easier and more quickly cured than a strain or sprain. Usually simple massage, which the patient can often apply by himself, will eliminate the pain within a day or two—sometimes in just a few hours.

What is important is to know is how to determine if the pain is referred pain and how to properly apply the necessary massage if it proves to be so. Fortunately for us who are alive today, almost everything you need to know about referred pain can be found out on the internet or in books. The one book I recommend that everyone should read is called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook; by Clair Davies; published New Harbinger Publications. This popular book should be available at libraries everywhere so one shouldn’t need to purchase it unless one so chooses.

It isn’t necessary to start out with the book to begin to understand and discover the truth about referred pain however. The simplest method and the one which did the most to enlighten me is to simply begin searching for knotted places (called trigger points) in the muscles of your arms between the wrist and elbow joints. You can even do this while relaxed and watching television. Using the ball of your thumb and forefinger begin pinching and pushing the muscles on your opposite arm traveling up and down the muscles. What you are trying to find are tender spots that hurt when pressed, but which you otherwise never realized were sore.

When you discover a tender or sore spot, It is probably caused by a knot in the muscle. That knot is cutting off or limiting the blood supply that feeds the body and either is already causing pain and discomfort or will soon do so at another site of your arm, neck or back. Your object, when you locate these knots is to massage the knot away and open the blood circulation. The best way to do this is to press the tender area hard enough to make it hurt. Do this for about six times pressing each time for about three seconds. Then leave it alone and let the circulation take over. Repeat this procedure at each tender spot and then do the same routine on the other arm. If you are like most of us you will find several sore spots or knots on each arm.

After you have done the above give your body about an hour or two and most likely you will suddenly start to feel aches and pains in different parts of your body start to disappear. On most occasions you will want to repeat this whole process six to twelve hours apart, but usually by the third treatment the trigger spots will be completely relieved and free of knots. The reason for repeating the treatment is because those knots have probably been there a while and have a tendency to come back after just one treatment.

You also want to keep in mind that it is the renewed circulation of the blood that is actually bringing the cure to the referred painful areas. Once you have proven to yourself that this really works and is not some kind of gimmick; you will probably want to use your search engine to find out more about trigger points and referred pain. Or you might wish to discuss it with your doctor or health care provider to find ways to search out other knots and eventually free your whole body from pain you have been carrying with you for months and years. The more you learn the more you will be able to free yourself.

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Comments (2)

Great awareness on mis-diagnosis, stumbled.

Very informative and useful article. Your observations shed much light on many less known aspects.