Osgood Schlatters Syndrome: Osgood Schlatters Disease Treatment
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Osgood Schlatters Syndrome: Osgood Schlatters Disease Treatment

Osgood Schlatters syndrome is a disease that can be diagnosed by examining the knee for swelling and tenderness. Doctors may also do an x-ray in order to confirm that this condition is present. A radiograph will show that there are fragments of bone at the tibial tubercle. This condition usually affects children.

Osgood Schlatters syndrome is usually seen in children when they are experiencing one of their growth spurts. The disease is known to affect both young boys and girls. The difference is that symptoms of Osgood Schlatters syndrome are seen more often in young males. It generally affects boys when they are older than nine and younger than twenty. To narrow it down, boys between ten and fifteen are most often affected by this disease.

Osgood Schlatters Syndrome: Causes

Osgood-Schlatters syndrome results in painful inflammation in the tibial tubercle. The tibial tubercle is a part of the knee. It plays an important role in extending the knee. For this reason, young people will feel the most pain whne they attempt to perform certain actions. They will feel uncomfortable if they put strain on this area.

This disease is one of those that are regularly seen in young children and it usually does not cause much worry. Children in this phase of their lives who visit a doctor complaining of pain around the tibial tubercle are usually suspected to have Osgood Schlatters syndrome.

The disease does not usually affect young children, for example those who are four or five. It is associated with the expected growth spurt in tweens and teenage children. It is also linked to physical activity. This growth spurt is a phase that children usually pass through. However all of them do not experience this kind of pain.

Osgood Schlatters Syndrome: More Common in Boys

Osgood Schlatters syndrome is more common in boys because it is associated with physical activity. Young boys tend to spend more time engaged in all kinds of physically stressful endeavors. Their symptoms include discomfort and inflammation in the knee, specifically, in the area around the tibial tubercle.

Children who are affected by Osgood Schlatters syndrome usually have pain on only one side of the body. When children try to straighten the affected knee joint they experience pain. They also have extreme discomfort if they try squatting. Whenever they ease pressure off the knee, the pain usually stops.

Osgood Schlatters Disease Treatment

Doctors usually recommend rest in order to reduce the swelling around the knee. They may also tell the patient to use ice to reduce the inflammation. After resting for a few days the child usually feels less pain in the knee joint. A doctor may also give medication to help to lessen swelling in the area.

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