Painful Periods! Don't Ignore That Endometriosis Pain
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Painful Periods! Don't Ignore That Endometriosis Pain

Severe painful periods is the problem associated with Endometrium abnormalities.This cause a condition called endometriosis pain. This kind of pain should be treated early otherwise it can be a reason of infertility.

Endometriosis pain at some point in the period is not an ordinary condition for all women. A period scientifically called menstrual is an indication of puberty in girls and shows that a girl’s reproductive organs are developed fully. Starting of periods aptly known as menarche can be sometimes more painful. 60 % girls face painful conditon during periods. Some can put up with this pain but some have to take painkillers for the unbearable endometriosis pain during painful periods.

Pain in the belly, backside and upper thighs is general during the first few days of periods. But if cruel uterine pain during periods persists for long, in that case woman should seek advice from a gynecologist. This kind of endometriosis pain can ground infertility.

Endometrium is the interior coating of the uterus that is discarded every month during periods. In some cases, the lining in unusual form shows abnormal increase that it covers other organs mostly ovaries. This atypical condition is called endometriosis.

Frequent symptoms coupled with endometriosis pain:

• Endometriosis pain in the lower abdomen.

• Backache and pain in legs.

• While moving bowels, pain is started.

• Painful intercourse.

Endometriosis pain is not a disease, infect it happens due to some bad practice and abnormality in body functions. Ovary dysfunction can also cause the endometriosis pain leading to painful periods.

Here are some common causes:

• Hectic lifestyle, stress, depression.

• Late marriage or early marriage

• Irregular periods

• Periods last more days

• Closed hymen that blocks blood flow during periods

Endometriosis pain can be prevented from recurrence by some prevention methods.

Prevention methods:

• Taking oral contraceptive pills can be beneficial.

• Annual ultrasound

• During severe condition surgical treatment should be initiated.

• Planning of pregnancy in early age.

If painful periods persist for long and you find no relief by painkiller medicine then there some treatments available for permanent cure.

• Medications to overcome pain.

• Surgery

• Hormonal treatments

Endometriosis pain should not be ignored and should get early treatment to prevent infertility.

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