Why Are You in Pain?
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Why Are You in Pain?

Pain comes from many common places. Knowing what may be triggering your pain will help you to life a more fulfilling life.

Pain comes in all forms.  You can have head pain, leg pain, back pain, finger pain.  Each painful sensation comes from a specific place or decision.  If you suffer from any of the pain below you may consider changing a little bit of your lifestyle or choices in order to counteract some of these preventable pains.

  1. Foot Pain:  Do you have pain in the arch of your foot?  It may be your choice of footwear.  Flip flops, sandals, and Crocs are all very popular footwear choices but they are no friend to your feet.  If you are not visiting the beach or the local common shower you should opt for more supportive footwear.  if you are going for a hike, if you visit the local rodeo or 4th of July event, choose a shoe that has arch support over the stylish sandals or cool and presumably comfy crocs.
  2. Pain in the thumbs:  Do you text?  Do you do it a lot?  If you have a keyboard phone and text a great deal you may find that your thumbs begin to wear down.  The restrictive motion that your poor thumbs undergo when you are trying to use them on a tiny keyboard is affecting the joints and tendons of your thumbs.  Alternative to using your thumbs is to hold the smart phone in one hand and use an index finger to pick through the alphabet.  You will find that you can speed up your texting by eliminating "fat fingering" the keys.
  3. Numbness in the glutes or in one leg:  this can occur from a fat wallet in your back pocket.  Obviously this is more of a man's condition but some women are beginning to use their pockets instead of carrying around a purse.  The walled will cut off some circulation if you sit on it for extended periods of time.  Not only can you affect your bottom and legs but if the wallet it very fat it can actually cause lower back pain from misaligning your spine.  Removing your wallet from your back pocket will help to reduce the additional strain on that side of your body and improve circulation and nerve communication.  
  4. Shoulder pain:  do you sit at a chair for hours at a time?  Do you drive extensive amounts of your day?  In either case you can become comfortable in your seat and begin to arch forward.  When sitting in an office chair, you should sit square with your desk and have both feet securely on the floor.  If you are like me and are a little height challenged, get a small box or foot rest for your feet.  While driving, keep your seat upright to help support your back and if you wish, put a small pillow behind the small of your back to properly support it.  Make sure you are close enough to the steering wheel so your arms are slightly bent and you are not over-reaching.
  5. Headaches:  cheese could be the culprit.  Cheeses that are aged, like bleu cheese, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, and others have a chemical, tyramine, that can trigger headaches in some people.  If you do eat a lot of cheese and also experience a lot of headaches, try eliminating this calcium rich food from your diet and substitute other options and see if your headaches go away.
  6. Headaches again:  Do you Pony-tail your hair?  You may be causing a migraine.  If you put undue strain on your sensitive scalp nerves by wearing a pony tail, headband, or hat, you may be inadvertently giving yourself a headache that you will suffer with for a day or more.  Let your hair down and leave the hat at home and see if you relieve your mind.
  7. Sore neck:  If you are a couch potato and lay down while watching your favorite program on television you may be creating a problem that is easily resolved.  Lying down on your side with your head arched to the side by the arm of the couch may be misaligning your upper spine causing stiffness in the neck and shoulders.  The solution is simple:  Move around and sit up straight when watching television.  Another solution is to make certain your television is not so high that you have to crane your neck to look at it.
  8. Wrist and thumb pain:  do you have a newborn baby?  Lifting the tender body from the crib can cause you physical pain.  Instead of bending over the side safety rail of the baby's crib, lower that side rail and cradle the baby's head and bottom in the palms of your hands and use your upper arm muscles to lift the baby out and into your loving embrace.
  9. Shoulder or elbow pain:  If you carry around your life in a briefcase or laptop bag you may be doing your company a favor but you are not doing your body a favor at all.  If you carry a bag in your hand you are likely to suffer from tennis elbow due to the strain of the heavy package pulling on your arm.  If you wear a single shoulder strap bag the same strain can be harming your shoulder.  You can opt for a backpack or across the body strap style of laptop bag, or get a rolling luggage briefcase/laptop bag.  Or, if finances allow it, you could just get a lighter laptop!
  10.  General over-all pain:  Get some stress relief!  People who find that their neck, shoulders, back, legs, arms, head, and other parts of the body all seem to be stiff and tight at the same time can probably relieve a great deal of this discomfort by doing something as simple as breathing and stretching a little bit.  Stress can cause a lot of different pain through the body.  If personal improvement is not found through change in behavior then talk-therapy may be your link to a pain-free life.

 Information retrieved from http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/slideshow-reasons-for-pain

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